Motion is our Passion

We turn customer requirements
into quality products.


Key products are parts for diesel engines, the hydraulic industry and machinery construction.


Preferred export destinations are European countries, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, as well as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, USA and China.


Augsburg currently has a staff contingent of 50.


Together with our partners, we are able to offer any heat and surface treatment.


It all began in 1924...


The company was founded in 1924 in Augsburg by Karl Eberle and is still today a family enterprise, in its third generation.


Small beginnings soon developed into an engine repair operation. In 1941 the company was completely destroyed, and moved to the country for the duration of the war. Four years later the previous company was again reconstructed.


Production was increasingly specialising on the manufacture of replacement engines for the automotive sector. The production plant that was newly erected in Augsburg in 1950 had to be extended on an ongoing basis.


Due to the manufacturing process on CNC machines and the serial manufacture of engine parts for the automotive and shipping industries, vast extensions were necessary in 1970 in view of the increase in exports.


In 1990 a new site had to be found as further expansion on the old property was no longer possible. The current company premises of 15,000 square metres were procured. In 1991 production was started with entirely new machinery.


The new technical opportunities and the quality of the products opened further markets. Hydraulic parts production started three years later.


In 1995 an additional production hall was built on the site. Since then, exports have been expanded and new customers from new sectors have been acquired.